Thursday, October 2, 2008

CONCENTRATE: Does this cat look familiar? Not only is she in the picture below this one, but she is also famous. As of recently, she was chosen to be on a $1.00 scratch ticket in New Hampshire and around the world. Know as PEANUT on the CAT SCRATCH FEVER LOTTERY TICKET. She was one out of 8 people chosen, but she was also 1 out of 900 to be picked from. So thanks to her beautiful pose, and intense concentration, she has won herself a spot in my heart, and in everyone else's heart around the globe.



zygote_photos said...

I saw this ticket the other day!!!

Rachel Jernstrom said...

wow, sorry i never got back to you on this comment, so much going on ya know? but thanks!!! didn't think anyone else would actually notice, hahahahaha

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